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Street Food | A Different Kind of Hopia

Hopia as street food?  You wouldn't think of such if you ask this writer but somehow this enterprising woman did just that.

For Php5 each, this hopia will surely blow your socks off.  If you are used to the flavors of monggo and pork, then prepare yourself for her sisig, yema and chocolate ones.  I was surprised as well with the new flavors.  She told me that before she was only offering the first two then somehow customers waned thereafter.  With the introduction of the new flavors, she says customers are steadily coming back buying a new flavor each time they do.

Serving wise, the Php5 hopia are as the size of the ones you buy from the usual convenience store or the ones from Binondo.  So nothing special there, maybe bite into 2-3 pieces and you will have a hearty snack already.  

Taste wise, we ordered almost everything except for the sisig as she ran out of it already.  That being the best seller she says.  The other flavors were delectable was well as we enjoyed eating the yema, chocolate, monggo and the pork.  

Price wise?  For Php5, I can't complain.  As I said earlier, eating just 3 pieces is enough to tide me over to my next meal.  The taste is just midway and the serving size is just right.  A very affordable snack if you ask us.

Currently she is the only one that I have seen selling this kind of hopia and she's located near the SM Muntinlupa and McDonald's.  So if you like to partake on this find I suggest get over there early around 4pm.  I bought my hopia around 5:30 pm and she's almost out of them.