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Technology | Manila Wifi or ISKOnnect

When you are in Manila, particularly near their City Hall, you can find a kiosk near the Bonifacio Mural.  This kiosk or an electronic billboard standing near the street is their WIFI spot.  As a free service for the people in the area, the City Government of Manila offers FREE WIFI to those who avail of it.

Step 1 :  Locate the Kiosk

Step 2 :  Simply turn on your WIFI in your smartphone.

Step 3 :  Locate the WIFI name.  Look for @Manila_FreeGoWIFI.  (Before it was ISKOnnect but the Mayor asked for it to be changed).

Step 4 :  Once connected.  Simply log in and choose your type of service.

Step 5 You will be asked to type in your phone number.  A verification code will be sent to that number.

Step 6 Use the code provided and you may enjoy your 30 minutes of Free WIFI.  Valid only for one day.  Once used, you may avail again this service the next day.

Based on our user experience, the connection is just right or normal.  Although uploading of pictures to your social media account takes forever maybe but simply browsing through them is a breeze.  You can view, comment and share pictures from Facebook and Instagram, but downloading isn't easy with this feature.

The kiosk also serves as a charging station so should you encounter your battery dying out on you, if you have your charging cable, simply hook up and charge for free as well.  On one side, there's a phone that you use to place local calls.  For provincial and international calls, we suggest you use a social media app for this since you have free WIFI already.

For now this is the only one put up and they said they will place more such kiosks in high traffic areas like government offices, schools and hospitals.  Places where communication is vital.

Kudos to the people in the City of Manila for providing such a service.  Thanks to Eastern Telecom for helping as well.