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Dining | Organice and Farm Fresh in Aozora At the Farm

A place where your taste meets the sky.  Aozora is located in Tagaytay where we often called the sky due to it high location it almost touches the heavens.  Tagaytay beholds white clouds in blue, or starry nights in the coolness of the evening, that's how we sometimes describe it.

So dining in Aozora utterly romantic and serene.  Cool weather and fresh ingredients for their food, its an awesome feeling.

Ingredients are picked from the garden beside the restaurant and they are organic for the picky eater in you.  Food prepared by a Japanese Chef, how more authentic can you get?  

Food is simply divine and tasty, ramen, sashimi, katsu dishes, best maki selection and a variety of rice toppings are a must in Aozora.  Tagaytay is 2 hours away yet its worth the trip I tell you.

To come up and partake with their glorious food, simply head off to Tagaytay City and look for Rivera Hotel.  Turn into the street beside it and will take you to Aozora.  We suggest you fire up your google maps or waze and search for Rivera Hotel.  It's easier to find them via these apps.

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