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Year Ender Report 2020

It's the time of the year when we look back at 2020 and analyze what we have done.  For all of us, it one year that we won't forget, the year when that dreaded Corona virus went viral (pun intended) and elevated to pandemic proportions.

It all started January of all months and all life turned to Sh%$.  Lock-downs and quarantine were the word widely used.  Stifling businesses left and right, pushing all the economies into an immediate recession.

Businesses had to close down, malls, stores, restaurants including the transport sector were shut down.  Turning our bustling city into a huge ghost town, except for the frontliners who whiz in and out of the city.  The police were manning checkpoints, the military was on standby, medical personnel were all in high alert.  The citizenry?  Well, we are all inside our homes, doing some crazy shit hoping to stave off insanity.

For most of us, thank God for the internet (albeit slow), we were hooked to Netflix, Amazon Prime and HBO Go for a while.  Facebook was so in, and some people turned into vloggers hoping to cash in with YouTube.  People were jobless for most of us because of the lock down.

No transportation means people can't go to work.  No people in establishments mean businesses can't operate.  It's an effin stoppage.  Philippines is a bad place to be in during this pandemic.  While other countries are giving away lots of aid for their citizenry and those who were stranded, the Philippines were ... well.... just hoping.

A trickle of food came down from heaven like manna for some folks.  I wonder if all the tourists stranded were even given help at all.  Stranded locals were hard hit and we can see them all over our newsfeeds begging for help.

We bloggers or in the social media was hard it as well.  No businesses means no events whatsoever.  We need content, and we are stuck in our homes, means no content.  We had to be creative to keep our websites and FB pages alive and thanks to some apps, like Zoom, we were able to keep our sanity intact and able to churn out some content for our readers and/or followers.

As the year dragged on, life is slowly improving.  The lock downs were lifted bit by bit.  We are not yet out of the woods unlike New Zealand, Taiwan and South Korea, but slowly but surely, life is turning for the good for all we know.

It isn't like 2019 yet, but somehow we see a little bit of sunshine from now and then.  We hope that the coming year 2021 would be a better 2020.  It's the new "normal" they say and it would take another year to be back to our old normal.  We pray and hope 2022 would be here already so we can all smile the 2020 away.