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Food | Buboy's Buritos Goto


Eating pork been a comfort food for this writer and it goes further more especially with the ongoing pandemic.

Even if there are not much events for this blogger, we are still very much going out for deliveries.  Yes, to replace the lost income we have ventured into manufacturing and selling of peanut butters, and distribution of bagnet and longganisa from Vigan, Ilocos Sur.

Going out is still risky with the surge of the virus still, making it more difficult for me find somewhere to eat.  Going inside the malls, isn't easy as it used to be with lots of protocols in place.  Choosing the turo turo or karinderya alternative is dangerous in hindsight.  So its not easy for us to go out during our deliveries and eat when we get stuck during lunchtime.

Fortunately we found one that's not in a mall, its along my delivery route and its not your usual karinderia.  Its in the middle of the two, with less protocols but still have the basic protocols, we decided to eat with Buboy's Buritos Goto.

They are located in Cubao along EDSA and you won't easily find them if you are only wandering about in Araneta Center.  You will not see them either if you catch a bus in one of the terminals that abound in the area.  They are still a few steps off the last terminal thus you will surely miss them unless someone suggests this place to you.

Since we saw this during our delivery sortie, this rider or blogger decided to try out one of their best sellers, the lechon kawali sinangang with itlog (Silog).  Their main dish is the Goto but I was hungry and Goto will not do justice this time.

Since its an open restaurant, you can choose which table is available.  You can shout out your order going in to lessen the service time, which I did.  After a few minutes, my order was served.

For Php 125 pesos, I had an ample serving of that litson kawali, fried rice, fried eggs and a bottle of mountain dew.

Just to keep our review simple and sweet, the litson kawali was great.  I stand corrected when I said I had an ample serving, I had more actually.  One cup of fried rice wasn't enough.  The kawali was tasty and crispy as it should be.  Wasn't the best I had but it was great none the less.  Tasty so much that I had ordered another cup of fried rice.

The fried rice is dry and loose as it should be and the egg was a bit dry.  It may have been fried beforehand thus the dryness, and the egg yolk was already stale.  Good thing the litson kawali and fried rice saved the meal.  Push it down with a cold mountain dew, yes they provide ice in a glass, the meal was perfect in a sunny and hot day.

If you want to go there, traverse the north bound EDSA Cubao, right after the Genesis Bus Terminal, you will this one just a few meters after.  Even if you have a car, you can park in front.