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Man Down at Mann Hann

I love chinese food.  I was blown away by this restaurant months before and I know I featured them in our facebook page.  That being said, I went back again and sampled another dish thus this article.  This branch in Market Market in Taguig is a very small one so you better think twice eating here during lunch time and on a weekday.  We went here saturday and we deliberately we chose 130pm as our eating time.  Less people and fast service.

As there were not much people then, we arrived here at half full.  We were able to choose our seats. Imagine that.  As our food was served just a few minutes of waiting time, I was again enamoured by the flavors they serve.  If you want to partake on their menu, I suggest look for them in a mall near you.  They are present I guess in the big malls, I ate one time in their SM Megamall branch at the Lower Ground Building A.  Great food, prices are not cheap but not expensive, just worth the price without breaking your wallet.