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Press Photographers of the Philippines

Yes, I am a member of this prestigious organization.  Their office is located at the back of the National Press Club in Lawton, Manila.  So you might say, I am now a member of the press.  I can't emphasize enough the need to be a part of this group.  As I have started shooting for our magazine, being a member affords you access to relevant events (not a guarantee 100%) and offer a good view for our readers.

I became a member last year and now its the time of the year that we had to renew.  It was raining last year and again now it rained when I renewed my membership.

While here, I walked around the area and went around Lawton, Quaipo, and Carriedo.  Instead of riding from lawton to Quaipo which normally I would do, I walked.  It was my second time to walk on Jones Bridge.  Last time they were refurbishing it and now it was finished.  Neatly painted and regularly cleaned, it was a far cry in cleanliness from last year.  Gone were the feces (sorry for those who are eating while reading this) but the stench of urine still reeks.  People somehow still use the corners of this bridge as urinals, bad bad people.

Reaching Quaipo, the Plaza Miranda is still clean and open from vendors thus its easy to move around.  You might be wondering where the vendors are, they are located at the Underpass wherelse.  Navigating in the underpass is like walking within aisles of a crowded mall with kiosks lined up left and right and in the middle.  But the best part of this underpass is the security and the airconditioning.  Bless them for this.  I was glad they didn't establish toll gates so that pedestrians will pay just to pass through the Underpass LOL.

While walking in my journeys, if I still have time and the means to do so, I pass by churches to say a quick prayer.  Quaipo church is now spacious and can accommodate a lot of devotees, unlike the last time I was here.  That goes to show I don't pass through this area often.  Internet also is great addition to the church, they had a big screen tv showing the live view of the church inside.  This is their way of opening the church to devotees who couldn't physically visit.

On my way home, I have to passby the well renowned Carriedo.  It was still so busy as I remembered it.  hawkers and sellers abound in the streets that you have to be like Lara Croft in Tomb Raider to reach Avenida.  Prices are jaw dropping cheap and I regretted not providing enough time for me to scour around this place.  Next time I will be back and buy fruits and vegetables soon.  They had broccoli at P30 per bunch.