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Spectrum at the Fairmont Hotel

Sometimes we have to give in to people who invite us nicely to these places.  Since it was a birthday celebration, much more difficult to decline.

Now Spectrum is located at the Fairmont Hotel at the corner of Pasay Road (I always forget the new name for this) and Makati Avenue.  Its at the side of Landmark Department Store.  A classy hotel, but not that intimidating so even Tom, Dick and Harry can come in and splurge at little at this place.

Spectrum offers a buffet dinner that would cost around Php2500++ per person (I googled the price).  I still have to check if the price holds true.  I never had the guts to ask the person treating me how much it costed him to feed me at this place.

Anyway, food selection is great.  They cater various cuisines from Asia and the Pacific.  I saw a counter for japanese (ask the person behind it to carve some sashimi for you), american (they have steaks), a little area for Filipino food (a dish or two), asian (lots of noodle varieties and dimsum, arabic kebabs and little bit of indian skewers as well.

I love the cold seafood selection especially the shrimps.  So crunchy and juicy. You got to try this cold tray display.  Its the only counter I keep coming back for more.

Service in general is great, waiters and managers are all over you with smiles.  As if they are beside you whenever you turn your head to look for them.  Their restaurant was full at a certain point during the evening.  Good thing my friend made reservations.

So should you go to this place after reading this, and you need someone to go with you, and you like to pay for the buffet.  Simply send me a private message.