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Mister and Miss Culture World 2017

 The latest Mister and Miss Culture World 2017 was held at the Teatrino in Promenade Greenhills last May 25, 2017.  It was a very short pageant, with Ms. Philippines grabbing the top spots with Ms. Vietnam and Ms. Canada.  Mr. Philippines Al-Hakam Dimalanas also grabbed top spots together with Mr. Vietnam Mike Tran. and Mr. Indonesia Yoide Indra Widhanie.
Here is the full list of winners:
Mister Culture World Tradition: Yodie Indra Widhanie (Indonesia)
Mister Culture World Heritage: Mike Tran (Vietnam)
Mister Culture World Arts: Al-Hakam Reggie Dimalanas (Philippines)
First runner-up: Sanjit Singh (India)
Second runner-up: Rommel Farinas (Canada)

Miss Culture World Tradition: Tran Ngoc Tram (Vietnam) 
Miss Culture World Heritage: Rizza Paula Infante (Philippines)
Miss Culture World Arts: Diane Razon (Canada)
First runner-up: Piyakorn Sukarasot (Thailand)
Second runner-up: Khat Wai Mo (Myanmar)

Mister Culture World (Advance Category): Joshua Luke (Singapore)
First runner-up: Rico Paolo Roño (Philippines)