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Food | Sizzlin' Steak

Was waiting for my call time in Promenade in Greenhills and hunger struck me.  Stuck in Greenhills, its a bit difficult for a budget conscious guy like to find a decent, fast service and cheap priced meal in the area.  This is like Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills and it took me a while to find one.  Here I found Sizzlin' Steak.

[Before I start eating, a few google search information - This is under the Teriyaki Boy Group or TBG so they are offering the japanese style of steak to the philipine market.  A locally home grown brand, they plan to expand this similar to their Teriyaki Boy restaurant.]

They are offering of course steak, and some combo meals.  Steak priced around Php600 is cheap for me but knowing its served here, I'd rather not risk it right now.  I opted for their cheapest item in the menu which is the beef tapa at Php175 (without softdrinks).  The fastest cooking time they promised was 15 minutes for this.  Was wondering why it takes 15 minutes to cook such a dish?  I knew the answer a few minutes later when I saw how they prepared it.  They had to thaw it out from the freezer.  It seems that this item is not one of their fast moving meals in the area because its cheap.  I noticed that people after me had their meals done fast (priced higher) and was served before me.

Anyway,  finally my order came in, more than 15 minutes that is, then it really was sizzling hot.  Serving size was decent, meaning, my hunger can be satisfied but not for long, and its really hot.  I've had the meal for almost 10 minutes now and the plate it came in was still hot and still warming up my food.

They have a soy sauce blend prepared to go along with my beef tapa, but I felt it doesn't need the extra taste of the blend.  The beef tapa on its own can stand and hold up to my taste expectations.  Overall, the food was tasty, well worth the price, although a bit pricey for me, the serving size made up for it, the service was excellent.  Staff was always smiling and very helpful.  I will definitely come back and try their other dishes (except for the steaks maybe).