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iOS to Android to iOS

I've been a happy Apple snotty user since the ipod came out.  My first apple product was an ipod Nano.  Next one was their itunes of course.  Then the first Iphone came out (Gen1).  I skipped the Iphone 3G and bought an Iphone 4s, then an Iphone 5s and the latest was the Iphone 6.  I started having misgivings when Steve Jobs died after the release of the Iphone 5s.  During this time Samsung was rolling out huge screens and people were flocking over the humungous AMOLED they have.  To this Steve Jobs had said, we won't be making large screen phones as they should fit snugly in one's hand and not to be held by both hands.  Then he died.

After his death a lot of things happened with Apple.  They introduced the bigger screens in the Iphone 6 and Iphone 6+.  Contrary to what Steve Jobs wanted.  Then they rolled out the new iOS system to go along with the new phone.  It had bugs when it first came out and they offered an upgrade immediately thereafter.  This snafus wouldn't be happening with Steve around or else someone's head would be chopped off.

Steve had a very strict code of quality that endeared to the apple fanatic.  This is why users blindly followed what Steve dictated.  His vision for products was almost great, except for some minor blunders which he immediately corrected or simply killed in development.

Now that he's gone, the new Apple is now not focused on the user.  They are I feel more after the shareholder stock prices and getting more profits.  From the Iphone 5s to the new 6 they bumped up the prices.  Products rolled out were merely copied from competitors and touted to be new. What a bunch of croc.  There was time when Android was merely copying iOS now its reversed, plus the fact that Android offered a bit more in terms of user experience.  This kind of situation prompted me to try out the Android OS in the form of Lollipop (5.1).  

My 6 had a crack on the screen that went on unrepaired for a year and a half until it finally went berzerk.  I had no plans of buying the new 7 (its pretty much expensive and i had lost much faith from Apple) thus I tried out the Android.

Off the bat, it felt weird.  Really weird.  iOS had a very simple user experience, punch in a few settings and it is according to your wishes (as I thought it was).  Apple's or Steve's methodology was simplicity, out of the box usability but limited its customizability, thus its simple to use.

Switching to the Android was a nightmare.  I spent two weeks fumbling at the keys, customizing every other day.  It was not simple it was frustrating.  I tried to customize it according to how I use my Iphone which was dumb I know.  And I had to accept the fact that there was no home button and I should adapt to the back (I don't know what to call that) button.  There was a complicated settings app that I kept looking at.  After a while, it grew on me.  I began to like Android that I wanted my next phone would be a Vivo 5 (right within my budget).  Now to before I finally take that plunge, I compared this Vivo 5 with my broken Iphone 6.  Found out that the latter was still great in specs compared to the newer Vivo 5 that I tried having my Iphone fixed instead.  And now I'm back with iOS again.

These are the things I realized.

With the Iphone - it was all so simple.  When I upgraded my phone each time, I simply log in to my Apple ID account. Should I get an android, I would transfer or update my contacts in my google account.  A one time hassle.  So the Google Account is similar in function with my Apple ID.

Customization -  Both OS are unique and I missed the very functional notification screen and control center of Android.  I had to swipe down for the notification and swipe again for the control center.  Its much easier and simple to simply swipe down even twice rather than swipe down or swipe up for the iOS.  Customizing the control center for Android was a daunting task at first but it was more functional than the iOS for me.

Unlocking the phone - I like the pattern swiping for the Android over the fingerprinted one from iOS.  I noticed that I had sweaty hands and fingers that my Iphone had a hard time reading my fingerprint.  With the pattern swiping, it was a breeze opening my phone.

WIFI - We are not limited to a network thus we continuously switch between them.  I have a portable WIFI router with me always and we have a landline home network as well.  Switching between the two is a hassle for me with iOS.  I had to go to the settings app to switch, wheres it just takes two swipes on the Android, then you can switch.

As of this writing, I recently upgraded my iOS to 10.3.1 and I noticed that there were a lot of refinements done.  Although initial use of the new iOS does not offer a more convenient way of doing things, it simply made my life a bit daunting now.  As I am now struggling with the functions I found in the new iOS.  Hopefully I will find a way to adapt to this however I am certain this will be my last Iphone purchase.

I have no desire to own another Apple product anymore.  Right now I keep on using my 2011 Macbook Pro (Steve Jobs is still alive) and I have no more plans of buying the new ones which many believe costs more yet specifications are less.  I will switch back to Windows soon.  

Unless someone gifts me the new Iphone 8 which is drawing raves as of this writing (but I still feel the Samsung phones are still ahead) and a new Macbook Pro, I won't be using these.  Please Santa, I promise to be a good boy in 2017.