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Jadopado broke me.  To put it in perspective, they were the first online store that put my faith in buying via internet.  When I did buy something on the internet, I always have doubts that my purchase would not push through.  That my payment will be for refund and it will take me days or months even to be ever get paid.

When a friend of mine showed me his new phone, I was shocked at the price he got it for.  And he later confided he bought it from Jadopado.  I checked this site out and found out they had a lot to offers and what did me in was they were delivering Cash on Delivery.  I don't have to pay through a credit or debit card, nor I was to give any financial information.  Wow, I said to myself, this site has a lot of balls doing business this way.

Not only they were selling at lower prices, they were selling also items not found in your regular stores.  These are not illegal if you ask, but were hard to find items.  I bought my hard drive dock and a copy of a PS3 game Grand Theft Auto (not sold in the UAE for reasons unknown) as my first purchase.  Then some other stuff.  I had it delivered both from both my home in Dubai and Al Ain.

Whats great also was their delivery time.  They deliver fast, a matter of 2-3 working days, which was impressive and I love them for it.

But good things also end.  I got an email saying that their "experiment" just ended May 1, 2017 and they were successful in selling off the company to a regional powerhouse.  Part of their agreement was closing down the marketplace.  They will come back soon I know, but with a new company.  Lets hope that their philosophy of doing business will transcend to the new one. Where they can continue servicing a good number of people with low prices, great after sales service and fast delivery.

Their farewell message can be seen here.

*** is a great online store based in Dubai and services a lot of middle eastern countries and some parts of europe.