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If you have been following up on our articles, you noticed that we have been feeling japanesey all these time.  Now we have eaten at Yayoi.  A japanese teishoku restaurant in SM Megamall.   The place is a bit daunting as it features clean lines, and not much people inside.  Usually we tend to surmise that either their food is not great, or its so expensive thus less people inside the store.  Since it was lunch and all other stores were full, we dove in right here and looked at the prices.  If we can't afford the menu then we would simply graciously make out quick exit.

The place is pristine clean and instantly you will feel how grand the place is.  Its not your typical restaurant in SM Megamall.  A waiter will attend immediately attend to your needs and are courteous by the way.  You will be shown two menus, one that is printed and other the Ipad on the wall.  Ordering is through the Ipad, if you are not into this tech, the same waiter will guide you to the process.

The Ipad menu was simple to navigate, it already groups food into main bento meals, ala carte meals, soups, ramen, and drinks and desserts.  The prices were a bit pricey, more than your usual japanese restaurant.  Judging by the pictures and the ambience of the place, it was worth a try.

We pushed a few buttons and finally we made our order.  Food was delivered swiftly to our surprise, we were just into our small talks when it arrived.  Presentation was great, smell of the food was awesome, the serving was just right, taste was on the dot japanesy.  Price point was spot on perfect.  It was worth it.  Dining experience was heavenly.  I would definitely encourage you to go to this place even with their prices. If you have a feeling you like to splurge, then this place is it.