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Health and Wellness | The Good Life Integrative Health and Wellness Summit 2017

The Philippines' first integrative health and wellness summit was held last weekend at the Function Hall 3 of the SMX Convention Center, Mall of Asia last August 12 - 13, 2017.  Unlike other expos before it, they have integrated a lot of mediums and philosophies in this summit.

Here we saw a variety of booths ranging from healthy food options, organic vitamins, organic make-ups and oh, you want to learn make-up? There's a professional school for make-up artists as well in here.

Speakers on day one focuses on how you can take care of oneself.  Such is knowing your colors.  Chato Lozano explains who we are by the color we liked.  Aura reading for shedding light from negativity was given by Star Santos of Stargazerph.  Special guest for day one was Rina Samson, a certified practitioner of alternative healing.  She can identify certain symptoms simply by tapping certain body points and then recommends herbs as remedy.

Depression was also tackled by professionals and Charissa Raneses PhD explains what depression looks like in our brains, what causes it and identifying a patient's habits.  Chiqui Martinez likewise adds how to identify depression in a person and ways to help them.

Overall the event is a great help to a normal individual.  Alternative ways of being healthy and well does not rely only on feel, but this one is backed by science.  Truly an eye opener and we hope to see more of these kind of events in the future.

(Photos and words by Angel Zuniga of Orange Bear Production)