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Feature | Burger Comparison

When I was biking, I happened to do a rest stop at Jollibee.  Was about to buy my usual Chicken Joy, when I was captivated by their poster on Champ.  It has been ages since I tasted one so I ordered it.  When I was about to eat it, I wondered how would it fare with my fave, Big Mac.  (for the purpose of this comparison, I set aside my obvious bias).

I didn't eat my Champ and instead placed it inside my bag.  There was one McDonald's along my way home So I ordered one Big Mac from their drive thru.  I passed through it using my bicycle and drew giggles from the crew at the window.  Paid for it and placed the Big Mac in my bag along with the Champ.

Upon reaching home, Immediately I placed them side by side to have their photos taken.  My kids were wondering why I bought these and were waiting for me to finish my shoot.  Obviously they wanted to eat these.

The Champ won in the circumference size.

Cosmetically wise, The Champ was a clear bigger in size.  Box alone was huge of a difference.  Looking inside, the champ had a much larger circumference.  Both had the same amount of sesame seeds on their buns.  
Look at the eight of the Big Mac on the left.
What the Big Mac was short in circumference, made a difference in height.  It had more heft in height over the Champ.  Big Mac had an extra slice of bread in between its two patties, wherein the Champ only had one patty.  Patty for the Big Mac was slightly thinner thus can afford to have two pieces of it.  The Champ had a thicker patty I noticed but assuming the difference, they I think had the same in volume and weight.

Now the taste test.  The Champ was sweet and had a yummy bun.  The bun was soft and full.  The sauce was all I tasted and I can't discern the beef.  The bun was great and the sauce.  The beef was a little bit in there I hope.

For the Big Mac, the bun was, like bread. Yes its bread alright, was just fine for their patties, but if you compare it with that of the Champ, I like the other bun better.  Tasted a bit bitter, but I tasted the beef with gusto.  I could feel the beef at every bite.

I'm no burger connoisseur but I am just saying my feel of both the burgers as a regular consumer.  Both had their strengths and weaknesses and I felt both deserved to be praised.  I somehow wonder why Jollibee stores downplay this burger.  They push more their other dishes on their menu.  Seldom do they have a big poster on the Champ.  If it weren't for that poster, I would simply dismiss the idea of eating it.

Although I prefer to taste my beef more, so I side with Big Mac on this comparison.  But I couldn't shrug of the Champ with their yummy bun, maybe they could tweak the taste a little bit and the Big Mac will have to push the envelope a little bit further if they did.