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Dining | GotoKing - Shangrila Mall

GotoKing has been in this writers culture since he was a student.  A restaurant thats known to be open for 25 hours.  With prices right up your budget, this restaurant continues to be at the forefront for student dining :)

The Lugaw with Egg

The Goto
When we were in the food court of Shangrila, I can't help but reminisce on my college days xx years ago.  This feeling made me want to order right away.  My friend ordered the goto while I ordered my favorite always lomi.  It tasted almost the same like when I was in college.  Maybe next time to make the reminiscence to be be accurate, I should partake in buckets of san mig light, then take in this goto.  Only then I can really take myself back in time and have the same taste. LOL.

For more information about GotoKing please visit their facebook page here.