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Dining | A touch of heritage at Mabuhay Restop

Seldom do people pass by anymore to Rizal Park, maybe only weekends but somehow I was guided to this place on a weekday.  It was this writer's first time to dine at the Mabuhay Restop and it truly was experience that was surprising.

First up, I can't remember the time I was in Rizal Park and secondly, dine in the area of Rizal Park.  Third surprise for me is how rich in our cultural heritage this restaurant is and rarely you see such in the whole of Metro Manila.

Maybe you'll dispute my third statement and there are others, but I say you this, they are expensive unlike this one I visited.

Now, what made Mabuhay Restop stand out for me is their cultural shows.  While dining, on regular schedules, you will be treated with exceptional shows.  Another, they also hold art exhibits from notable Filipino artists which they sell on site.  This is their way of helping our local artisans.  For tourists, they offer unique tours as well.  These tours also help out a worthy cause as 30% of the cost they donate to Gawad Kalinga.  

Now for those foreigners who would like 'pasalubongs' or souvenirs, they have a space or shop there solely dedicated for this purpose.  

For foreigners let me explain pasalubong.  Actually for you this means souvenirs such as trinkets, mugs, shirts, spoons, refrigerator magnets, key chains, necklaces or such that will make you remember of the place you visited.  But for a Filipino, the pasalubong extends to food and delicacies that you can eat or give to your love ones when you are back home.  Having them taste the food you had when you were in that country.  

Now Mabuhay Restop offers great filipino dishes without the touristy price, even us locals can appreciate.

How to get here.

For the car riding public, its just opposite the newly renovated Rizal Park Hotel, so if you are not familiar where Rizal Park is, point Waze in this direction.

For those commuting, you can take a jeep from Manila City Hall and make sure this goes through Mabini.  Then its a 5-10 minute walk from when you turn left from Kalaw Street.  Oh well, just tell the driver to drop you off at the corner nearest that of Roxas Boulevard.

For those coming from the south, Taft Avenue will your choice and get off on Kalaw Street, its the street after United Nations Avenue.  This is also your cue when you take the LRT from both directions.  Its a little bit of a walk so you may take a pedicab going there.  Prices maybe varied from Php40 to Php50.

Better yet, send them a private message at their facebook page here.  Mara of Mabuhay Restop would gladly answer your questions.