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Dining | Another McDonalds Secret Menu Unlocked - Double McChicken

After knowing that McDonalds had a secret menu, I was intrigued to try them out one by one.  I could have ordered all of them at once but I dissuaded myself from doing so.  For this time, we tried out the Double McChicken.

A McChicken is just a chicken patty with sauce and lettuce between a pair of buns.  With this secret menu item, they offered two patties.

Looking at the picture above it shows the patty as being bigger than the bun.  When you look at the one served to me, its quite the opposite.  The patties in the photo above looked square, while mine was rounded.  It seemed to me the photos are misleading.

Serving wise, the two patties offers more fullness.  But tastewise, its still the same McChicken.  Pesowise, its more expensive.  Value for money?  Maybe.