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Dining | Shake That Thing - Ationg's Fruit Shake Station

Whats in a name?  This fruit shake station has Ationg's written on it.  Will you drink a shake from Ationg's if you pass by it?

In our case we did but it wasn't for the sign.  We saw cutlets of fruits on the counter so we ordered shakes from this kiosk.  True enough, the fruits were fresh and they blended it to serve our shake.  Costing only Php55 for a large tumbler of puree shake, not bad.  

We were also surprised by their other menu items offering oreo biscuits in the mix.  Is this a fruit stand?  Nevertheless, it was there so one my kids got one.  It must have been good since he held on to this drink from this place, then we checked out of our hotel, all the way to the bus going home he had it.  He even poured water on it when all that shake was gone.  Very tasty indeed.

Check them out and see the number of variations of their shakes.  It took some time for us to acquaint with their menu and our order didn't disappoint.  Worth the time and effort in choosing our drink.

I don't know how many branches this brand but upon searching in Facebook, it seems that Ationg is the surname of its owner, Judd Ationg.  Please email me at if I get it wrong.  For more information about their shakes, send a direct pm to Judd Ationg. -