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Dining | Premium Service only at UCC Coffee - Cafe Terrace

Monday morning we had attended a press conference at the UCC Cafe in Forbestown and we had a great morning indeed.  People say  a good breakfast makes the rest of the day great.  I guess they were right.

My breakfast was the Filipino Breakfast.  Costing Php320, I chose the chicken longganisa meal. After ordering, it took a bit of time to be delivered.  UCC has not been known to be fast food so a little waiting is to be expected.

When my food came, found it to be enticingly delicious.  They didn't skimped on presentation along with the taste.  Although its sometimes called a Farmer's breakfast, this was not provincial at all.  The chicken longganisa was deliciouso.  Tastewise it was great, no question about it.  Serving wise, you're given three long pieces of it much to my delight.

It also had a perfectly cooked egg which they ask you first how it should have been done to your preference.  Nice touch there.  The fried rice also is of ample size thus you won't feel shortchanged.  A huge slab of tomato over crips lettuce lolo rosso leaves was a great compromise for a meat lover like me.

I admit reading the menu can be bit daunting for a budget conscious person like me, but you are just paying what you get for.  The meals were more than the usual, and service is premium.  This Filipino breakfast will surely start your day right.

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