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Dining | A Wonderful Find in Daet - Chef Carlo Steakhouse

Staying in Daet, Camarines Norte longer has its perks.  You will have a lot of time to go around and hopefully find the best places to eat in Daet.  One place is called Chef Carlo Steakhouse.

At first glance you will mistake the place to be a cafe.  The interiors are like a cafe.  You will get the steakhouse feel when you get their menu.  Steak is a confusing dish here in the philippines.  Sometimes its just one or two steak items, the rest are just pork or chicken items on a sizzling plate.  This one is such a place.

I would like to thank my hosts in bringing me to this place.  They were the one's who recommended me Aurora's Cuisine which I liked.  So Chef Carlo is a pride of Daet they say.  One should try them out when you are in the area.

I ordered the baby back ribs and took some time to be served.  The dining area is small, just a few tables strewn around and rustic in theme.  Ambience was warm and eating here with friends is great and cozy.

Finally when the food arrived, it came with muffins (or maybe it was puto) and has its own gravy.

Now Tastewise,  without the gravy or the use of the A1 steak sauce.  The meat was delicious and tender.  Just a few more minutes or an hour, the meat would be 'fall of the bone' kind of experience.  The marinade clearly made it through and clearly flavored the meat.  Using the accompanying sauce or the A1 type is a bonus.  Although I will go for the A1 sauce as I kinda liked this one, biased based on experience.  I will always go for A1.

Now serving wise.  The meat portion on the bone was more than I can handle.  The dish was huge and its as big as the A1 steak sauce bottle.  Little bit shorter but a bit larger in width.  I ate more than one cup of rice in this case.  Not good for a person on diet, we just wanted to show you how big the serving was.

Price wise.  My costs Php279.  Based on the menu, You can't place the dish as being small or large so it will throw you off in your decision.  Glad that i ordered the same as as I said previously, the dish served a big piece of meat.  So the price of Php279 is well worth the meat it delivers.  Huge piece, with a tasty flavorful meat, price is just right.

So when you are in Daet, try out Chef Carlo Steakhouse.  Easily reachable via tricycle but although I have doubt all drivers know this place.  Better waze them.

For more details or if you have questions going to this place, send them a message here