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Tucked within the dark recesses of the new wing of Festival Mall in Alabang, a new watering hole sprung up.  Offering my favorite drink, beer plus of course skewered bbq.  Maybe that's how they got their name.  Offering grilled meat on skewers.

Price wise, its a bit pricey if you ask us.  What it does offer is a great ambiance, and that the songs being played in the air is not deafening.  Definitely if you want to meet friends and chill, this place is best for you.  We got their combo package of a bucket of beer (6 pieces) with a string of skewered bbq - 6 in total (a mix of pork and chicken) and a slew of chicken tenders (fried chicken wings), total costed around Php1,100.  We were just two pax then, for that price, its not cheap.

Taste wise for the skewers, well, it wasn't impressive but it didn't disappoint either.  I believed each skewer was of different taste based on the meat chosen.  The combo also includes chicken hearts so we knew then the flavors will be different from each other.  We assumed also that each one had their own marinade to compensate for distinct taste of the meat.  This extra care in its preparation somehow got lost in our palates.  Now I can't remember how each meat tasted and which one did struck my fancy.

Serving size, the skewered meat was too thin for my preference.  It was just a dish purposely prepared to be accompanying alcoholic drinks or pulutan.  Don't order it if you like eating heavy.  Order some rice to go along with it and maybe order one more dish.  Still for its price, as a stand alone dish with beer, its serving size does not equate with its price.  I still felt wanting as I was a loss for its taste.

Another positive thing I can say about this restaurant is its staff.  They had a right number of staff, working nicely and polite to its customers, dining here is heaven.  Except maybe for the menu prices and serving size, the place offers a nice night out with the gang.

For more information about them, hook with them in facebook here

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