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About Town | Airbit Holds its Thanksgiving Party for 2018

AirBit Club is a decentralized trading platform that is promoting and using Bitcoin which is considered as the most popular cryptocurrency in the world. In a span of three years, this has changed lives of more than 4.1 million traders in less than 200 countries worldwide including the Philippines. In the country, it is estimated that the membership has reached 40,000 and counting.
Recently, the club held its Thanksgiving Party last Nov. 22-25, 2018 at the grand ballroom of Shangril-La Hotel in Bonifacio Global City. The assembly was exclusively attended by hundreds of members coming from the different parts of the country.
Bitcoin has gained the attention of the world. Airbit Club plays a big role in creating transactions which are essential in the ecosystem of Bitcoin.This has catapulted the club to integrate other top cryptocurrencies with the highest market capitalization like Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and Stellar and this requires more technological advancements to accommodate more transactions 24/7 anywhere around the world.
The club was established way back in October 2015 with the objective which is to educate the general public on the origin of Bitcoin and the technology behind cryptocurrencies. Airbit club is the first decentralized system that unites together four different industries: cryptocurrencies, business mentoring, live educational training, and the networking effects of a worldwide club of affiliates.
The club was founded to educate people about Bitcoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash with the best possible information; its origin, its benefits, marketing licenses and the use of software; teaching people how to use them, how to open a wallet, as well as to provide the opportunity to share commissions by references. We have called our system Blockchain Distributed Technology and Affiliate Program, which is based on an algorithm that distributes fair referral commissions to all members.
To be an exclusive member of the club, one must buy any of the membership packages available by using Bitcoin which will be used in cryptocurrency trading, tokenization and rewards program. Its mission is to provide cutting-edge technology, using innovative tools to ensure that the commercial potential is maximized and thus increase the distribution of crypto currencies to all affiliates.
Its vision is to be the source of digital information and education provider for people around the world to increase the current less than 1% of the world’s population that is using cryptocurrencies in the following years.