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Dining | Ilustrado in Intramuros

How can you level up a Filipino classic merienda to heavenly bliss?  Take them whole heartedly at Ilustrado.

Located within the walled city of Intramuros, Ilustrado Restaurant has been a great suggestion for exquisite dining and a tourist attraction as well.  Offering Filipino food that's truly fine to the palate.

During our visit we were introduced to three of their best sellers.  

The Pancit Palabok was al dente with a sauce thats truly creamy and tasty.  I never tasted palabok quite like this and its the best that I have tried. The serving size was also huge so I had a good stuffing with this palabok.  Look at the toppings it had,  you will not see another restaurant offering the same.  The bread that went with was complimentary.  The only downside?  I had a few bread.  Other than that, everything is great.

Next up is their halo halo that so creamy and toppings were extra ordinary in quality.  This is not your fast food or neighborhood halo halo that full off ice and a watered down dairy milk.  Topped off iwth ice cream with crunchy pinipig, this thing rocks during hot days in Intramuros.  Serving size is good for one considering you will chomp on this easy.  Although it maybe good for two, I would be greedy not to share this great tasting halo halo.

To cap off the perfect afternoon, we were given Sampaguita ice cream.  Yes, the sweet smelling sampaguita was transformed into a cold delectable delight.  I can't expect much from this since never in my wildest dreams that a flower such as the sampaguita would be made into ice cream.  Surprisingly it tasted great.  Kudos to the chef who prepared this.  This one can be claimed as proudly Filipino made product in our books.

Ilusrado is a small walk in restaurant by my standards, but they pride themselves with their catering and big function skills.  With these foods, its no wonder that they are known for these.  For those impromptu meals, you can pass by and eat here.  They have ample parking inside so don't worry.

For reservations, go to their website at