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Film Review | Something Good About "Bad Moms"

In the era of "Bad" movies, like Bad Santa, Bad Grampa and Bad boys, Bad Moms isn't that bad.  Really? Of course not, we all love our moms so they won't be that bad.. Really... LOL

Now going into the film, it features Mila Kunis as a mom of two kids in a dysfunctional marriage who tries to be the best mom yet.  All moms would like to be the best thus this movie relates to most people in its intended genre.  In her journey to be the best mom, we see her going from one mishap to another.  These instances reach to a point that she thinks of herself as a bad mom and simply gives up.  Not literally of course, she didn't ditch her kids but instead she tries to do things which she had deprived herself of doing.  This move is what makes the movie an entertaining one.

Joined by two other moms, they lead an adventure into the unknown world of being bad moms, with the help of red wine of course.  The bad triumvirate then challenges the best mom norms in the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) lead by Cristina Applegate whom we found to be quite a character in the movie.

A film about badness actually is a great movie.  Acting by the main characters are so good, you will forget some flaws here and there and focus on the more important stuff.  That moms maybe bad to some viewers, but never they were negligent of their kids here.  Everyone shined here lead by Mila Kunis herself who was exceptional.  Minus the red wine, minus the make out sessions, the lesson herein was clear.  That mom's are a hard working bunch and they need some TLC as well.

A surprise hit movie for me, we highly recommend watching this thing until the end credits.  Hit us an email at if you like the end credits showing.

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